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TriFive, Stage 1 - Weld it Yourself

       Nerd Rods Stage 1 TFC4, weld it yourself, frame is the answer to TriFive owners looking to install upgraded suspension to their project at a reasonable price. The frame has been designed to resolve several problems with the OEM design and utilize easy to find newer production Corvette suspension components to improve ride quality, handling and traction.



January 2023 

     We are now shipping frame Version 8.05. Some of the photos and info on this page is dated but we are working to get everything updated here. Fitment, nothing changes, everything is correct. Only the frame assembly changes slightly from what is posted here.

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How the frame assembly works.

     The frame comes bagged as shown. Each bag is a sub assembly to the complete frame. The concept is simple. You open ONE bag with tubing parts in it. You assemble everything in that bag then you move onto the next bag. In this fashion the daunting 178 parts that make up the frame will be closer to 50 when you finally have all the bags opened and sub-assemblies welded. At this point the frame and sub-assemblies become very obvious as to their location for the next stage of assembly.

Click here for the TFC4 Stage 1 Gallery to see the photos

Stage 1 Frame Kit Includes

  • All the parts of the TFC4 frame
  • Several alignment "Jig" parts
  • Rear Corvette control arm kit
    • Cut tubing shafts
    • LH and RH rod end
    • Misalignment washers
    • Grade 8 hardware
  • All the nut and bolt hardware needed to install the suspension to the frame

Stock Frame Problems Resolved

  • Wider tires front and rear
    • 13.8" wide tires with live axles
    • 12.4" wide tires with Corvette Suspension
    • Wide front tires won't rub on the frame during turning
    • 11" wide tires will clear with a little work to your outer fender
  • Our chassis lower the ride height to 7" and 8" off the ground from the 12" stock height
  • Additional Torsional Rigidity
  • Double adjucable coil over shocks on all 4 corners for better ride quality or performance tuning
  • Front sway bar added with a rear sway bar option for bette ride quality or cornering performance

Nerd Rods advantages over the popular competition

  • Frame clearance for X pipe exhaust and large mufflers
  • 28 gallon fuel tank upgrades
  • Fuel line bungs through the frame
  • 4D Hardtop (4 Door Sport Coupe) Support

Advantages of the Corvette Suspension

  • 4 Wheel Disk Brakes
    • Single Piston,12" Rotor
    • Twin Piston, 12" Rotor
    • Twin Piston, 13" Rotor
  • Independent Rear Suspension
    • Similar design to the 5th Gen Camaro or CTS-V Cadillac's
  • Power Rack and Pinion
  • Posi Traction on all differential's
  • Aluminum Suspension Components
  • Modern Suspension Geometry
  • OEM parts available locally

Wheel and Tire Sizes

1984-1987 Suspension with one body modifications

  • Front
    • 16” minimum wheel diameter
    • 9.5” wide wheel with 6.5” of back spacing (+54mm offset)
    • 245/xx/Rxx Front, 10” wide, Tires
  • Rear
    • 16” minimum wheel diameter
    • 10.5” wide wheel
    • 275/xx/Rxx Front, 11.25” wide, Tires

1988-1996 Suspension with one body modifications

  • Front
    • 17” minimum wheel diameter
    • 9.5” wide wheel with 7” of back spacing (+56mm offset)
    • 245/xx/Rxx Front, 10” wide, Tires
  • Rear
    • 16” minimum wheel diameter
    • 10.5” wide wheel
    • 275/xx/Rxx Front, 11.25” wide, Tires

Our Recommendation, tell the person you are buying wheels and tires from that you need a set for a 2000 Chevy Corvette Base Model and they shouldn’t be able to mess it up.

But how does it stay square when you weld it?

You can see in our 3D CAD cut-a-ways that the frame is made up of lots and lots of different keys and tabs. These are all different from one another so that not only do they provide a locking joint to keep the parts from moving in 2 plans when sitting still and 3 planes with the aid of clamps and work surface, but they are impossible to mix up or install to the wrong place on the frame.

TFC4 Stage 1 Gallery


Q: How does a "Weld it yourself" frame work and how come you don't need a jig?

A: Very easy, the frame is its own jig. The new 11 gauge boxed tubing is cut on a CNC tubing laser that rotates the part and can cut on all 4 sides with ±.020" accuracy. The Flat laser is good to ±.005". With this we cut a series of tabs and slots into the tubing and plate. These keys align the frame parts to each other making them "self jigging". This way you only need a few tools to keep the parts from warping during the welding process.

Q: Are motor mounts included?

A: No. The Motor mounts attach to the front cradle from the corvette you get with your suspension. You will need to FAB up a motor mount or see below for one of our motor mount kits.

Q: Is the transmission mount includded?

A: Yes, the transmission mount will slide forward and backward to allow for almost every transmission combination possible.

Q: What tools do I need?


  • 4 x C or F clamps at a minimum
  • 1 x true flat table that you can get you can clamp the frame to, 5'x4' minimum.
  • 1 x grinder for material preparation
  • 1 x MIG or TIG welding machine you know how to use
  • NO STICK WELDERS!!!! - It's too hot and will not make a good weld on thin metal
  • NO FLUX CORE!!!! - Gas shielded solid core only, Flux won't carry the heat into the metal and does not penetrate good enough.

Q: What suspension fits this frame?

A: Suspension from the 1984 - 1996 Corvettes, commonly called C4 Corvettes, and will bolt onto this frame. You can also swap in a Live Axle rear end without live axle kit option if you want more width.

Q: I've never welded before, can I do this?

A: NO! This should not be your first welding project. Moderate experience welding with your equipment is recommended.  Take a class locally at the very least and ask and expert welder to look at your welds if you're not certain. Welding is not hard but it takes practice and quality equipment.

Q: Do I need to modify the firewall?

A: No but you can if you want to get the motor lower into the car and further back for a better balance.

Want to see how we do it?

You have the tools and some welding experience but your not sure, watch the video and see how easy it is. This was the very first frame we ever welded like this so you are seeing our very first time building one of these just like you would at home. This video doesn’t even have a few extra parts we started including to make the final assembly much easier for the customer so less crawling around on the ground with straps getting it straight.
* Note, This video is of our first kit frame, version 6.0. We are currently on V7.2 so there are some differences in the new design. See the photos for the most current version.

Where are my instructions and how do I put the gigantic erectors set together?

Right here. There are no instructions in the crate when you get it. Everything you need to know is right here. 248 photos of each step of the way and then two videos to show you how we do it at the shop to get an idea of how to clamp and hold things. I do everything in order like you would do at home just without opening each bag in my photos.

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Want a little more detail about how all the parts go together?

This 3D Animation shows the frame going together in the exact order we build them here. Here you can see specific keys, slots and fitment going together and how some parts can even be moved for optional installations like for live axle rear suspensions.
* Note, This video is of our older, version 6.6. We are currently on V7.2 so there are some differences in the new design. See the photos for the most current version.

Here's what is looks like when your finished

This is TFC4 frame # 36, Version 7.2. At this time we have sold and delivered over 48 of these frames. The only people who have not finished their kits have never started.

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QA1 Coil Over Shocks

       4 QA1 double adjustable coil over shocks and powder coated silver springs to go with your TFC4 Frame. Tell us about your car and desired ride and we'll spec the springs accordingly.


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Fuel System

       32 Gallon Fuel Systems for the TriFive frames. Different kits available, click for more info.

Starting at $975.00

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Brake Lines

       Stainless steel hard lines, prebent, with DOT Braided Stainless flex line, mounting hardware and brake hardware


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Live Axle Suspension Kit

Details Coming Soon

  • 4 Bar / Pan Hard Bar
  • Truck trailing Arms and Pan Hard Bar

Let us know what YOU want to see


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LS Motor Mount Kit

       Adjustable motor mount kit for the TriFive C4 conversion.


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Exhaust Options

       Headers, Stainless Exhaust and Mufflers

Starting at $1,599.00

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