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Update 2018 Nov 26

     Big update I've been putting off for too long. New lower pricing, Dad's down and Dirty update, new Ackerman correction steering arm, customer updates all over the place, and some fun new projects we're playing with.

New Pricing!

     I’m sure the big one everyone is excited to hear about is the reduced pricing across the board.  We took a good look at the chassis, how we were building them, and things we were doing that customers just didn’t really care about and found ways to reduce the price and pass the savings onto the customer.

     No one really cares if the chassis is 100% TIG welded. Not when it comes to the final price anyway.  The fact is there about 10-12 welds on the chassis that take up a significant amount of time just because they are hard to reach with the TIG and it takes additional time to complete these welds.  So we’re MIG-ing these hard to reach places now and the time saved turns into savings we’re passing along to the customers.  We will still TIG a large majority of the frame because it is faster in several areas thanks to the precision of our custom cut frames.  These very tight fits are actually faster to TIG vs the proper way to MIG the same areas so we’ll still TIG these areas.   Considering I’ve had several people ask if our MIG welds are TIG welds, I think no one is going to notice this one.

     Next is the suspension finishing. For the longest time we’ve finished our aluminum suspensions first in high quality automotive paint then in two stage powder coating when we put in our own system. This makes for a beautifully uniform finish that’s easy to clean and looks even better but its very time consuming not to mention expensive.  The number of customers who don’t notice, are not impressed, or point out that they chose to media blast theirs over coating is rather staggering.  So, we’re just going to soda blast them from here on out.  We already sand blasted them before powder coating, so we just swap the sand for soda and nix the entire coating and powder from the pricing.  It will also be easier to assemble because we won’t need to baby the parts as we assemble the Stage 3 Rolling and Stage 4 Turn Key chassis.  And if anyone wants us to throw it back into the mix we can do that too.

TriFive C4 Car Frames - TFC4 New Prices

  • Stage 1 DIY Frame Kit $3,825.00
  • Stage 2 Welded Frame $6,525.00
  • Stage 3 Rolling Chassis $15,595.00
  • Stage 4 Turn Key Chassis $50,995.00

Task Force C4 Truck Frames - CP5559C4 New Prices

  • Stage 1 DIY Frame Kit $3,995.00
  • Stage 2 Welded Frame $6,995.00
  • Stage 3 Rolling Chassis $16,195.00
  • Stage 4 Turn Key Chassis $51,495.00

Dads Down and Dirty Update

     Dad’s truck has been a slow project. We've had tons of work as well as update can be summed up as, Custom inner fenders, off the table, bely pan, radiator core support, and rolling. Hit the link to see more the build page and read more.

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