Nerd Rods

TriFive, Stage 2 - Fully Welded Frame

       Nerd Rods Stage 2 TFC4 is the fully welded version of our popular DIY frame for the 1955-1957 Chevy Passenger cars. The TFC4 frame is designed to bolt up to the car’s stock body mounts and accept the C4 1984-1996 Corvette Suspension with no required body modifications. The complete package lowers the car and giving you an engineered suspension solution instead of the normal pile of band aids that most cars end up with as they buy a kit to fix this and a kit to fix that. With the Stage 2 frame you’ll just source your own suspension and assemble it at your own pace.


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Stage 2 Frame Kit Includes

  • The TFC4 Stage 1 Frame Completely TIG and MIG welded
  • Rear Lower Shock Mount
  • Rear Corvette control arm kit
    • Cut tubing shafts
    • LH and RH rod end
    • Misalignment washers
    • Grade 8 hardware
  • All hardware needed to install the C4 Corvette Suspension to the Nerd Rods frame.

Stock Frame Problems Resolved

  • Wider rear tires
    • 13.8" wide tires with live axles
    • 12.4" wide tires with Corvette Suspension
    • Wide front tires won't rub on the frame during turning
    • 11" wide tires will clear with a little work to your outer fender
  • Ride height lowered
  • Raked Stance
  • Additional Torsional Rigidity
  • Coil Over Shocks on all 4 corners
  • Front and Rear sway bars options

Nerd Rods advantages over the popular competition

  • Frame clearance for X pipe exhaust and large mufflers
  • 35 gallon fuel tank upgrades
  • Fuel line bungs through the frame

Advantages of the Corvette Suspension

  • 4 Wheel Disk Brakes
    • Single Piston,12" Rotor
    • Twin Piston, 12" Rotor
    • Twin Piston, 13" Rotor
  • Independent Rear Suspension
    • Similar design to the 5th Gen Camaro or CTS-V Cadillac's
  • Power Rack and Pinion
  • Posi Traction on all differential's
  • Aluminum Suspension Components
  • Modern Suspension Geometry
  • OEM parts available locally

Wheel and Tire Sizes

1984-1987 Suspension with no body modifications

  • Front
    • 16” minimum wheel diameter
    • 9.5” wide wheel with 6.5” of back spacing (+54mm offset)
    • 245/xx/Rxx Front, 10” wide, Tires
  • Rear
    • 16” minimum wheel diameter
    • 10.5” wide wheel
    • 275/xx/Rxx Front, 11.25” wide, Tires

1988-1996 Suspension with no body modifications

  • Front
    • 17” minimum wheel diameter
    • 9.5” wide wheel with 7”of back spacing (+56mm offset)
    • 245/xx/Rxx Front, 10” wide, Tires
  • Rear
    • 16” minimum wheel diameter
    • 10.5” wide wheel
    • 275/xx/Rxx Front, 11.25” wide, Tires

Our recordation, tell the person you are buying wheels and tires from that you need a set for a 2000 Chevy Corvette Base Model and they shouldn’t be able to mess it up.

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TFC4 Stage 2 - FAQ

Q: Are motor mounts included?

A: No. The Motor mounts attach to the front cradle from the corvette you get with your suspension. You will need to FAB up a motor mount or see below for one of our motor mount kits.

Q: Is the transmission mount includded?

A: Yes, the transmission mount will slide forward and backward to allow for almost every transmission combination possible.


Q: Do I have to use coil over shocks?

A: Yes, springs control the car and shocks control the springs. The stock springs allow you to do neither of these adjustments and with all the possible combinations of bodies, motors, transmission and driving styles the coil over shocks lets us compensate for all of these with ease and so we design our frames to utilize them.

Q: What suspension fits this frame?

A: Suspension from the 1984 - 1996 Corvettes, commonly called C4 Corvettes, and will bolt onto this frame. You can also swap in a Live Axle rear end without live axle kit option if you want more width.

Q: Will you ship a frame to me?

A: Unfortunately, we don’t ship stage 2 frames. The crating is far too complex, and we’ve had incidents with almost everyone shipped. Local pickup or private carrier will need to be arranged to get your Stage 2 frame from our shop to your location.


QA1 Coil Over Shocks

       4 QA1 double adjustable coil over shocks and powder coated silver springs to go with your TFC4 Frame. Tell us about your car and desired ride and we'll spec the springs accordingly.


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Fuel System

       32 Gallon Fuel Systems for the TriFive frames. Different kits available, click for more info.

Starting at $975.00

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Brake Lines

       Stainless steel hard lines, prebent, with DOT Braided Stainless flex line, mounting hardware and brake hardware


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Live Axle Suspension Kit

Details Coming Soon

  • 4 Bar / Pan Hard Bar
  • Truck trailing Arms and Pan Hard Bar

Let us know what YOU want to see


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LS Motor Mount Kit

       Adjustable motor mount kit for the TriFive C4 conversion.


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Exhaust Options

       Headers, Stainless Exhaust and Mufflers

Starting at $1,599.00

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