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Update 2013 Mar 08

     Task Force Truck Scanning

We just got the scanning done. We've been slamming out TriFive Frames and working out nicer instructions for it in the processes and that's taken up a ton of time but it will all cross over to the truck project. I'm getting the data sorted into the computer then I can start with the frame design.

After writing the 4th email in the last two days about the truck frame I figured I needed to update this. Got the data mostly sorted and I've been deciphering the factory assembly manual for what each model is, like a model 3104 is your basic short wheel base 2WD truck but change that 0 for a 5 making it 3154 and now its the 4WD model. 3105 is the panel truck but a 3106 or 3116 is a Suburban with different rear doors. You basically have to memorize all of these because a random body mount or hole will be on the blue print but have a number next to it.

So to make it simple. Our frame will only be for the Short Wheel Base cars or the 3100 series. You will have a nice place to cut the frame and make it longer (I'm going to make a shop truck with a 16" flat bed on this frame) but we probably won't offer them as an option. Your going to have to put on your big boy hot rodder pants and just cut it yourself.

More Soon!

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