Nerd Rods

TriFive, Stage 4 - Running Chassis

       Nerd Rods Stage 4 TFC4 is your all in one kit for the TriFives using the proven Nerd Rods Frame paired up with the GMPP LS3 Connect and Cruise System and everything you need to get your TriFive running down the road. Please read the details below as there are lots of parts not shown and there are lots of options to make sure this is the chassis you need for your project.


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*Frame show without radiator

Stage 4 Running Chassis Includes


  • The Nerd Rods Stage 3 Chassis
    • Fully Welded Nerd Rods Frame
    • Corvette Suspension Front and Rear
    • Disk Brakes
    • Rack and Pinion Steering
    • QA1 Coil Over Shocks
    • Nerd Rods Ackerman Kit
    • Nerd Rods Handling Kit
  • Dana 44 Upgrade
    • 3.45 Gear Ratios
    • Limited Slip Differential (Posi Trac)
  • Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit

Drive Line

  • LS 3 Connect and Cruise
    • 430 HP LS3 Crate
    • 4L65 4 Speed Automatic Transmission
    • Torque converter
    • Wiring, and electronics
      • Driveline Only
  • Vintage Air Front Runner Pulleys
  • Starter
  • Slip Yoke, and Drive Shaft


  • Stainless Bros 2.5” Tubing
  • True X Pipe
  • Flowmaster Delta 50 Mufflers
  • V Band Clamps
  • Vibrant Performance Flex Couplers
  • V Band Clamps
  • Nerd Rods Billet Hangers
  • Stainless Works Isolators
  • Long Tube Headers, Coated Mild Steel


  • PRC Radiator Core System
    • Core Support
    • Radiator
    • Transmission Cooler
    • Power Steering Cooler
    • Dual Fans
    • Fan Shroud
    • Recovery Tank
    • Cap
  • Upper and Lower Radiator Hose
  • Steam Lines and Hardware
  • Clamps, Coolant, and Fittings

Fuel System

  • Nerd Rods Custom 32 Gallon Fuel tank
    • 32 Gallons
    • Aluminum
    • 340 LPH Fuel Pump
    • Sending Unit
    • Mounting and Hardware
  • Stainless Hardlines
  • Aeromotive Regulator
  • Fragolia Flex Lines
  • AN Fittings and LS Adapter

Power Steering Lines

  • AN Power Steering Specific Hoses
  • AN Fittings
  • Return Hose
  • Power Steering Cooler
  • Corvette Rack Adapters

Steering Linkage

  • Nerd Rods Steering Linkage Kit
  • Corvette Spline U Joint
  • Center U Joint
  • Mock Up Shaft
  • DOM Steering Linkage

Other Items

  • Air Filter
  • MAF Sensor Adapter
  • Optima Battery, Yellow Top
  • Temporary Start Wiring
  • Trunk Mount Battery Cables
  • Fired up, leak checked, and running

Wheel and Tire Sizes

1988-1996 Suspension with no body modifications

  • Front
    • 17” minimum wheel diameter
    • 9.5” wide wheel with 7” of back spacing or (+56mm offset)
    • 255/xx/Rxx Front, 10” wide, Tires
  • Rear
    • 16” minimum wheel diameter
    • 10.5” wide wheel
    • 275/xx/Rxx Front, 11.25” wide, Tires

1988-1996 Suspension with Fender and Rear Tub Modifications and TFC4-HLK Handling Kit

  • Front
    • 17” minimum wheel diameter
    • 10.5” wide wheel with 8” of back spacing or (+56mm offset)
    • 275/xx/Rxx Front, 11.2” wide, Tires
  • Rear
    • 16” minimum wheel diameter
    • 11” wide wheel
    • 315/xx/Rxx Front, 12.13” wide, Tires

Click here for Stage 4 Photo Gallery


Q: The Video shows the chassis with a radiator and running but the photos don't. What will I be getting?

A: The Video shows more of what a customer will receive with minor difference. We are constantly improving our designs, refining out manufacturing capabilities and getting new better venders so there will be some subtle changes but the running turnkey version you see in the video is what you should expect

Q: What else do I need to supply?

A: Wheels and tires for shipping and any additional components you need us to install for you to feel comfortable.

Q: Can I have a different motor and transmission combination?

A: Absolutely, contact us with your needs and we’ll work to get it taken care of but the price will need to be adjusted for any variables. Obviously super chargers need a different pulley belt system and turbo would need a different exhaust system just as an example.

Click here for Stage 4 Photo Gallery

*Frame show packed for shipping.