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Task Force, Stage 1 - Weld it Yourself

      Nerd Rods Stage 1 CP5559C4, weld it yourself. More info coming soon.


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Q: How does a "Weld it yourself" frame work and how come you don't need a jig?

A: Very easy, the frame is its own jig. The new 11 gauge boxed tubing is cut on a CNC tubing laser that rotates the part and can cut on all 4 sides with ±.020" accuracy. The Flat laser is good to ±.005". With this we cut a series of tabs and slots into the tubing and plate. These keys align the frame parts to each other making them "self jigging". This way you only need a few tools to keep the parts from warping during the welding process.

Q: Are motor mounts included?

A: No. The Motor mounts attach to the front cradle from the corvette you get with your suspension. You will need to FAB up a motor mount or see below for one of our motor mount kits.

Q: Is the transmission mount includded?

A: Yes, the transmission mount will slide forward and backward to allow for almost every transmission combonition possible.

Q: What tools do I need?


  • 4+ x C or F clamps at a minimum
  • 1 x true flat table that you can get you can clamp the frame to, 5'x4' minimum.
  • 1 x grinder for material preparation
  • 1 x MIG or TIG welding machine you know how to use
  • NO STICK WELDERS!!!! - Its too hot and will not make a good weld on thin metal
  • NO FLUX CORE!!!! - Gas shielded solid core only.

Q: What suspension fits this frame?

A: Suspension from the 1984 - 1996 Corvettes, commonly called C4 Corvettes, and will bolt onto this frame. You can also swap in a Live Axle rear end with out live axle kit option if you want more width.

Q: I've never welded before, can I do this?

A: NO! This should not be your first welding project. Moderate experience welding with your equipment is recommended.  Take a class locally at the very least and ask and expert welder to look at your welds if you're not certain. Welding is not hard but it takes practice and quality equipment.

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